Free Audio Books Online

LibriVox is a volunteer initative to create audio versions of literature classics. People volunteer to record chapters or books, and then submit these recordings so others may download and listen to them.

To avoid copyright problems, they only accept work that’s in the public domain. For the most part, that means books published before 1923. All of the recordings are freely available on the web site.

Anyone can volunteer to contribute to the project as a reader, and you can suggest any public domain work to be recorded.

If you’re looking for the text versions of public domain works, you can find 17,000 books in the Project Gutenberg collection. This is a similar project that provides these works in text files that anyone may download and use.


WordPress is finally working

It looks like I finally have WordPress working correctly with multiple users. I’ve also written a script that will make it easier to create new sites for staff members. This project is going to allow me to get information out quickly and easily, while still testing and playing with the tool.Right now, it’s pretty easy to add content. I can attach files and pictures to a post. I can specify the categories into which this can be placed. I can create an image gallery. I can do some rudimentary things with calendars. I can incorporate RSS feeds. Finally, I think the email notification system works. This system allows updates to be automatically emailed to subscribers as I change the content on the site. Want to try it? Go ahead and sign up.